My name is Anthony Triplin and I am running for a seat on the Prince George’s County Board of Education. My background includes 15 years of advocating for the educational needs of our community’s children. I’ve mentored students and served on several local and state advisory committees affecting juvenile justice issues.

A school board must be responsive and receptive to parents, students, staff, and the community at large. My goal as a board member would to focus on serving all children in the sixth district as a way to ultimately improve the county’s entire school system.

Having a strong education system is vital to creating an even stronger county than we enjoy now. But this can only happen if we build public understanding, support, and participation.

The school board will need input from all groups when making decisions, so your school board member must be accessible and open to collaborating with all members of the community. I promise to maintain open and consistent communication.

A key function for school boards is creating a long-term plan that maps a course that will provide students the opportunities they need to reach their potential. The board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a structure that supports this long-term plan and provides the leadership necessary to ensure a school system doesn’t lurch from crisis to crisis.

If elected I would push successful school district wide strategic plan that has the following:

  1. A template that all education stakeholders (parents, staff, business leaders, and community representatives) agree will be the strongest strategic planning model for the county.
  1. Early and consistent engagement between all stakeholders. This will mean constructing a plan that has a timeline and measurable outcomes.
  1. A collaborative structure that will bring together leaders from all education sectors. Having this structure will help us cut costs, increase responsiveness, increase our school system’s capacity, and reduce waste.

I ask for your support because IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE  .